The revolution in multimedia devices demands a revolution in wireless infrastructure. When issues arise in the radio environment the standard network response can result in an already congested network being clogged with re-transmissions, impacting all other devices contending for a decreasing amount of ‘useful’ bandwidth. The Datasat wireless products manage video and rich media traffic more effectively and efficiently than previous generations of WiFi infrastructure.

Prioritising Video Traffic

Datasat has created wireless routers with application classification awareness that recognises video or multicast streams, and can prioritise video traffic over other applications. Its highly optimised data processing engine deals intelligently with network congestion by altering window sizes, reducing frame rates and decreasing data rates until the radio environment recovers.

wireless surveillance diagram
IP Layer 3 network architecture

Granular Control

Implementing a Layer 3 distributed architecture, Datasat wireless systems provide granular control over users, devices and applications. SLAs can be created and enforced across the entire network to meet the very individual, and often changing, requirements for that network. Finely tuned traffic priorities, congestion management and interference avoidance ensures that video and rich media traffic is assured the required bandwidth and the network incidents capable of halting other WiFi networks are virtually eliminated

Outstanding Audio

For a rich audio visual experience or standalone audio services, the transport mechanism of Datasat wireless devices is optimised for HD audio to connect mobile devices, NAS storage and surround sound systems.

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