Datasat Technologies delivers the next generation of wireless network products specifically designed to meet the needs of next-generation multimedia devices and services. Combining the latest innovations in 802.11n wireless technology and its own unique network intelligence, Datasat wireless products deliver unprecedented throughput and range through world class radio performance.

802.11 WiFi networking

802.11 Wireless LAN

802.11 – in all its varieties – has become the standard specification for Wireless LANs. Datasat products take full advantage of the 802.11n specification to enable multiple network services to use the same wireless infrastructure.

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Rich media optimisation

Nowhere are the limitations of standard wireless networks felt more than in video and rich media distribution. However, it is precisely this type of network traffic that is growing exponentially. Datasat products have been optimised for rich media data.


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Wireless surveillance diagram
IP Layer 3 network architecture

Layer 3 Architecture

As Layer 3 routing becomes more widely used, it offers the ability to bring intelligence to the edge of the network – right up to the end user port. The Layer 3 distributed architecture of Datasat products delivers a wide range of benefits.


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Reliability & availability

The reliability and availability of outdoor wireless networks is determined by two key elements: the rugged and robust design of the wireless equipment and the ability of the network to provide fail-over or self-healing capabilities in the event of outage.


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Datasat QuadraFlex DN200 wireless system
wireless CCTV surveillance camera


Like any network infrastructure, wireless networks are vulnerable to attack. Datasat products bring enterprise-class security to wireless IP networks. In addition, a Layer 3 architecture dramatically reduces the network surface area available for attack.

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