QuadraSphere NMS

Every communication network requires a Network Monitoring System (NMS) to efficiently monitor various network parameters and pre-empt network outages. As the network becomes larger; the NMS becomes more critical to the long term health of the network. QuadraSphere is the Datasat NMS, which is designed to monitor the Datasat portfolio of products and specifically the QuadraFlex outdoor wireless routers.

Key Features

Datasat QuadraSphere NMS Benefits 1

Monitor QuadraFlex DN100 and DN200 nodes and QuadraEdge ISM devices

Datasat QuadraSphere NMS Benefits 2

Solid state storage for robustness, integrity and quiet operation

Datasat QuadraSphere NMS Benefits 3

Map view for easy identification of network and one click access to network infrastructure. Multi-map set-up to enable multi-network monitoring

Datasat QuadraSphere NMS Benefits 4

Precision monitoring of known areas with the help of timed monitoring feature. Get information such as ping times, Ethernet throughput and network health delivered at one location

Datasat QuadraSphere NMS Benefits 5

Accessible on mobile devices with Chrome browser support

Datasat QuadraSphere NMS Benefits 6

NMS software needs no additional per network element licence

Wireless Network Monitoring

Flexible, Easy To Use Administration

QuadraSphere is designed to be simple yet powerful. With emphasis on flexibility and graphical representation of information, the system is critical for networks where network outages are unacceptable. Custom dashboard set-up enables easy visual monitoring of networks. Administrators can create dashboards according to the information that needs to be monitored. It is straightforward to set up multiple dashboards so each network administrator to have their own set of dashboards and maps.

Uninterrupted network operations

Fire & Forget

QuadraSphere is 'fire and forget' system. Once connected to the network, it can be accessed from anywhere, and an any device with a web browser. Chrome is the browser of choice, and both PC and mobile versions of this are supported. Access to various parts of the network can be segregated with security defined users and access control. QuadraSphere NMS hardware equipped to handle 50 network elements. For bigger networks, more powerful hardware platforms are available on request.


Power requirements:
12v DC via 110-240v 50/60Hz supplied PSU
12v 80W PSU

I/O interfaces:
4x USB 2.0 Ports
VGA port for display
HDMI port for display
Stereo Line out and Analogue Line in

Accessories needed:
Monitor (VGA or HDMI compatible)
Mouse and keyboard

Ordering options:
VESA mount version
Rail mount version
Wall mount version

In the Box:
1 Mini ITX Server with QuadraSphere licence
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