QuadraReach mVoiP Service

The QuadraReach mVoIP Service is designed to provide mobile connectivity over a WiFi infrastructure. It provides seamless roaming between WiFi and GSM networks as well as delivering reliable connectivity areas where GSM/3G/4G connectivity is not available. The service delivers dependable, cost-effective mobile voice communications anywhere within a WiFi network footprint – allowing for a flat rate subscription-based charge for all mobile calls.

Key Features

Datasat QuadraReach mVoIP Service benefits 1

mVoIP connectivity anywhere within wireless network deploying Datasat QuadraFlex wireless routers

Datasat QuadraReach mVoIP Service benefits 2

Seamless roaming between WiFi and GSM networks

Datasat QuadraReach mVoIP Service benefits 3

Free calls across WiFi networks to devices that are registered on the SIP server

Datasat QuadraReach mVoIP Service benefits 4

Datasat mVoIP app available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms (with shared contacts)

Datasat QuadraReach mVoIP Service benefits 5

Datasat QuadraReach server handles all configurations and routings

Datasat QuadraReach mVoIP Service benefits 6

Integrated SIP gateway handles local and PSTN interconnect and billing

Datasat QuadraReach mVoIP Service benefits 7

Managed bandwidth on Datasat QuadraFlex network

Cost-effective mobile calls

Cost-effective Calling

Each QuadraReach client uses the seamless Datasat mVoIP app. Once installed and registered calls are made in the normal way from the users contact list or keypad. Every time the user enters an authorised Wi-Fi network, the app registers the phone to the QuadraReach Server. Licensing and service are set up on the basis of individual phone identification and/or IMEI information and the actual mobile number. The QuadraReach server allocates a static phone number to every account. The QuadraReach service provides significant savings when outbound calls are made to most worldwide locations. Seamless roaming between the Wifi and GSM/3G/4G networks is achieved through the ability of the system and QuadraFlex devices to handle multiple SSIDs.

Flexible wireless call packages

Two Operating Modes

Unified Number Calling

The user is provided with a SIP number. If the user is within the coverage of the WiFi network coverage, the app registers with the QuadraReach service. The calls are routed over the WiFi network at minimal cost. If the network is not available, the service routes the call to the user's standard mobile number seamlessly. In essence, this service unifies the customer identity to just one number.

Call Package

In this mode, the user does not have an alternative to their SIP number. It is designed to provide cost effective calling between SIP customers. Significant cost savings are made as incoming calls and outgoing calls are significantly cheaper than using standard mobile roaming methods and charges.

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