The Datasat DTDB-PANEL-1418 is a panel antenna that delivers high speed dual concurrent wireless – 2.4GHz and 5GHz - over extended distances. Designed for MIMO and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac applications, the antenna provides excellent outdoor coverage. When integrated with Datasat QuadraFlex wireless products, the DTBDPANEL-1418 is one of the few point to point antennae capable of dual band, dual polarised concurrent operation.

Key Features

Datasat DTDB-PANEL-1418 antenna benefit 1

Dual Polarised for efficient RF transmission

Datasat DTDB-PANEL-1418 antenna benefit 2

Designed for MIMO applications

Datasat DTDB-PANEL-1418 antenna benefit 3

Compatible with 802.11a/n/acfor 5GHz applications

Datasat DTDB-PANEL-1418 antenna benefit 4

Compatible with 802.11b/g/n for 2.4GHz applications

Datasat DTDB-PANEL-1418 antenna benefit 5

Compact size for simple installation

Datasat DTDB-PANEL-1418 antenna benefit 6

Seamless integration with Datasat QuadraFlex products

Rugged, Reliable Outdoor wireless antenna

Rugged, Reliable Outdoor Operations

Meeting stringent environmental standards, the Datasat DTDB-PANEL-1418 antenna delivers rugged and reliable outdoor WiFi performance. It provides continuous operations between -40°C and +70°C. The antenna is RoHS and WEEE compliant.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency (Mhz): 2400-2500/4900-5900
Gain (dB): 14±0.5/ 18±0.5
VSWR: 1.5 : 1/ 1.5 : 1
H Plane BW (°): 26 ± 2/ 26 ± 2
E Plane BW (°): 26 ± 2/ 26 ± 2
Polarisation: H & V/H & V
Port to Port Isolation: >28/> 30
Max. Power Input (Watts): 50/50
Impedance (Ω): 50/50
Front to Back Ration (dB): > 25/>28
Cross Point (dB): > 25/>28
Connector Termination: N Type (F)/N Type (F)

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (mm): 300x300x75
Gross Weight (Kg): ≈2.3
Packing Dimensions: 14x14x6
Mounting Hardware: UV Stabilised ABS
Mounting Style:    Tower, Pole and Wall
Supporting Pole Diameter: Up to 2 inches
Mounting Adjustment: H Plane 60°, E Plane 20°

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Range (°C): -40 to +70
Wind Speed (km/hr): 200
Humidity: 95% No Condensation
Shock: QM 333, Category D.
Vibration: QM 333, Category D.
Water Protection: IP 67
Environmental Protection: QM 333, Category D.
RoHS / WEEE Comply: Complied

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