The Datasat DT5D-HVSCTR-21 is a Dual Polarised Sector Panel WiFi antenna that covers the entire 5GHz band. It is a rugged, outdoor antenna with extended range and designed for continuous operation in extreme environments. Its dual polarised design and high gain increases the received signal for a wide range of 802.11n and MIMO wireless LAN applications.

Key Features

Datasat DT5D-HVSCTR-21 antenna benefit 1

Vertical and horizontal polarisation. Designed for MIMO applications

Datasat DT5D-HVSCTR-21 antenna benefit 2

High gain up to 21dB

Datasat DT5D-HVSCTR-21 antenna benefit 3

Rugged outdoor construction for reliable operations. 20° mechanical down-tilt mast mounting and hardware

Datasat DT5D-HVSCTR-21 antenna benefit 4

Non-overlapping 5GHz channels provide low interference and stable communications

Datasat DT5D-HVSCTR-21 antenna benefit 5

Port to port isolation under 28dB

Datasat DT5D-HVSCTR-21 antenna benefit 6

Seamless integration with Datasat QuadraFlex products

Rugged, Reliable Outdoor wireless antenna

Reliable, High Performance Outdoor Operations

Meeting stringent environmental standards, the Datasat DT55T-HVRCTR-21 antenna delivers rugged and reliable outdoor WiFi performance. It provides continuous operations between -40°C and +70°C. The compact size of this antenna delivers high data throughput and spans the entire range of 5GHz channel frequencies.


Optional Models

Each model in this range of antenna is distinguished by its gain shown as the last digits in the model name.





Electrical Specifications

Frequency (Mhz): 4900-5900
Gain (dB): 2 X 21±0.5
VSWR: 1.6 : 1 @ 4.9-5.2GHz / 1.5 : 1 @ 5.2-5.9GHz
H Plane BW (°): 60± 5
E Plane BW (°): 8 ± 2
Polarisation: Dual Linear H & V
Port to Port Isolation: > 28
Side Lobe Level (dB): >12
Max. Power Input (Watts): 50
Impedance (Ω): 50
Front to Back Ration (dB): > 26
Cross Point (dB): > 26
Connector Termination: 2 X N(F)

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (mm): 750 X 170 X 90
Gross Weight (Kg): 3.5
Radome:    UV Stabilised ASA
Mounting Hardware: Stainless Steel
Mounting Style:    Tower and Pole
Supporting Pole Diameter (mm): 50-60
Elevation: 20°

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Range (°C): -40° to +70°
Wind Speed (km/hr): 200
Humidity: 95% No Condensation
Shock: QM 333, Category D.
Vibration: QM 333, Category D.
Water Protection: IP 65
Environmental Protection: QM 333, Category D.
RoHS / WEEE Comply: Complied

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