Outdoor Wireless Antennas

Datasat offers a full range of outdoor wireless antennas to ensure that the best antennae type can be selected for each network requirement.

Sector antennea from Datasat Technologies

Sector Antennae

Sector antennae from Datasat are ideal for use in Wifi networks featuring the Datasat QuadraFlex range of wireless systems. Sector antennae can be connected together to widen coverage area and increase the number of users connected to the network.


Dish antennea from Datasat Technologies

Dish Antennae

Dish antennae from Datasat include innovative dual polarization dishes that offer a range of options that operate over a wide range of frequencies, along with high Port-to-Port Isolation for ideal MIMO performance.

Panel antennea from Datasat Technologies

Panel Antennae

Datasat offers a range of flat panel directional antennae offer a high gain in a very thin, low profile package. They are very rugged and completely weatherproof for extremely long life in the harshest of environments.