There is more to delivering a remote communications infrastructure than just the technology. Datasat Technologies takes its responsibility to staff, customers and the environment very seriously. The company is committed to providing its services in a consistent, honest and considerate fashion.


The watchword is always quality. Datasat customers can't afford for their remote communications to fail. The goal is to provide an infrastructure that will deliver return on investment while lowering costs across the lifecycle of the network through reducing management and maintenance burden. By focusing on quality build from the outset, Datasat helps dramatically reduce the hidden costs associated with network implementation.

•  The company has developed and maintain our own Quality Management System that is audited by ISOQAR and meets ISO9001:2008 accreditation.
•  We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and our management systems have been audited by ISOQAR and meet ISO14001:2004.
•  Datasat is working towards implementation of Information Security Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 27001:2005.


To find out more about ISOQAR, please visit their website here

The Datasat Network Operations Centre and Teleport
Connecting rural communities with wirless

The Community

Datasat believes that no organisation acts in isolation and that its activities always have an effect on others. We are committed to ensuring that the effect we have is positive in terms of how we work with our staff, partners and customers as well as ensuring that our footprint on the environment is as small as it can be. The Datasat Group places the needs of customers at the heart of its day-to-day operations. With a commitment from the Board, openness and transparency to customers is a key consideration and an objective at all stages of the lifetime of our customer relationships.

The Environment

Datasat Communications recognises that our activities and operations have an impact on the environment. The company is committed to the following environmental steps:

•  Maintaining an environmental management system to the requirements of ISO14001.
•  Setting and reviewing progress towards environmental objectives, targets and management programmes to ensure continual improvement.
•  Providing environmental training for all employees.
•  Including environmental considerations within our Procurement Procedure.
•  Ensuring the company understands and complies with all legislation, guidelines and industry best practice.
•  Working with suppliers and contractors to encourage the adoption of environmentally responsible practices.

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