Datasat Technologies is a leading wireless network service provider designing and manufacturing a unique combination of technologies to extend the potential of wireless network infrastructure. Featuring advanced IP Layer 3 architecture, Datasat wireless technology enables greater coverage and throughput using wireless devices than previously possible.

Rapid deploy wireless infrastructure

Key Achievements

Datasat Technologies was established in 2009 after Datasat Communications investigated opportunities to offer last mile solutions to extend its global satellite network services. After an exhaustive market examination, we concluded that no technology provider could fulfil customer requirements. At the same time, the market for outdoor wireless products and services was gaining significant momentum. With decades of experience in designing, installing and operating high availability networks, we designed and manufactured our own range of industrial-level, carrier-grade wireless hardware and software.

The Datasat Difference

Datasat Technologies is one of the few providers that can deliver four radios with a single wireless device. This provides the flexibility to create multi-frequency, multi-network systems within the same ruggedised, climate-tested chassis. With intelligent, distributed management, outdoor wireless networks can be created with enhanced throughput and coverage using fewer wireless systems. High performance, high availability networks with less investment and management overhead. Datasat products are ideal for a wide range of markets including video surveillance, mining and natural resources, remote communities and rapid deploy solutions.

Intelligent wireless security and CCTV
The Datasat QuadraFlex DN200 outdoor router in rural America

Research & Development

There are many wireless equipment providers so, to be successful in the market, a supplier's offering must be distinctive and technically excellent. Datasat invests heavily in research and development to ensure that the company is continually at the forefront of the wireless networking industry. Our focus on wireless equipment optimised for video and rich media as well as our use of the Layer 3 distributed architecture to place intelligence at the edge of the network are just two examples of our intensive and continually R&D effort.